How to care for your Sex doll

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Cleaning Your Sex Doll

To extend the life of your doll, it’s important to clean it regularly. TPE is very absorbent so it is recommended that you clean your sex doll after each use. This will help prevent the build-up of bacteria which can degrade the material of the doll. For easier cleanup, use a condom when engaging in intercourse with your sex doll. 

To clean the sex doll’s vaginal, anal, and oral canals, simply flush out with water using either a vaginal or anal flush. This should be used in conjunction with a mild soap or detergent. Repeat until the canals are free of any substances. 

Avoid using any harsh cleansers or chemicals on the doll, as this could cause significant damage. Alcohol or solutions containing alcohol should also be avoided. Our cleaning kit includes cleansing essential tools for cleaning your sex doll. 

To clean the surface of your doll, simply use a  gentle, color safe towel along with water and your cleanser of choice. Dark colored fabrics should be used with extreme caution as dyes from the fabric can stain the surface of the doll. If possible, use only light colored fabrics. 

For heavier cleanup, the doll may be given a bath but you should avoid submerging the neck and head, as this may cause its metal skeleton to rust.Once the doll has been cleaned, dry off with a gentle, color safe towel. However, full baths should be given sparingly to maintain the longevity of your sex doll

Once dry, the doll’s surface should be lightly dusted with talcum powder, baby powder, or corn starch.

Storing Your Sex Doll

Let’s face it. Sex dolls are lifelike, meaning the size of people. This also means that they aren’t the easiest to store. 

Option #1: Our favorite method of storing is using a storage case. To store, remove the wig, and carefully disassemble the head from the doll's body. We recommend wrapping both the head and body in a blanket to avoid accidental dings or scratches. It’s easy and discreet. Best of all, storage cases are available for purchase in our store. For the wig, we recommend gently combing or brushing the hair (it's easiest to do this while the wig is still on your sex doll). Next, loosely braid or twist the hair and lay it flat on top of the doll in the storage case. Please note that braiding or twisting the hair will produce light waves. For optimal wig storage, store on a foam wig head.

Option #2: Another great option is to use the box in which the doll was shipped. It makes for a fabulous, eco-friendly, storage box. You should follow the same process as outlined above for the storage case. Best of all, it’s free! 

Option #3: Alternatively, you may purchase a doll hook and store the doll hanging in a closet or wherever you have the space and a rod to do so. The wig and head should be removed, first. However, you should cover the sex doll in a cloth or blanket. Depending on the size of your doll, you may hang the body in a color-safe garment bag. You may store the wig and head in a small box, following the same instructions as above. 

Regardless, of how you choose to store, your sex doll should be kept in a cool, dry place. Avoid storing in direct sunlight, as this may discolor or even damage the surface of the doll. You should also avoid storing the doll with limbs or joints bent, as this may cause creases in the doll’s skin and/or damage the metal skeleton.

Sex Doll "Oh Nos"

  • Avoid using alcohol or solutions containing alcohol on your sex doll, as this can break down the TPE material.
  • Avoid using rough or abrasive tools, materials, or chemicals on your sex doll, as these can cause permanent damage.
  • Avoid dark colored fabrics that can stain the TPE surface of your sex doll
  • Avoid submerging the head or neck in water, as this may cause the metal skeleton to rust.
  • Avoid storing your sex doll with any limbs or joints bent, as this may cause permanent creasing
  • Avoid overextending the sex dolls limbs as this may cause permanent damage. Refer to the "Range of Motion" guide, in the "Sex Doll Range of Motion" tab, below.
  • Avoid any rough handling of the sex doll.

Sex Doll Repair

With proper care, your sex dolls should last for years to come. However, as each doll is made to order and is handcrafted to your specifications, no doll is exactly the same. There may be very minor skin imperfections. Think of them as sex doll beauty marks. This is normal and most of the time, these imperfections aren't easily noticeable. In the rare chance that there are major defects with your sex doll, please contact us immediately via Live Chat or the Contact Form and we will resolve.

Over time, your sex doll's eye lashes may become loose and detach from your doll's eyes. Don't worry, lashes can be easily reapplied with lash glue and tweezers. You may also use lash glue to reattach any nails that become loose.

Sex Doll Range of Motion

A sex doll is a great way to experiment with different positions in the bedroom, but remember, it's not a contortionist. To prevent permanent damage of your sex doll, please reference the "Sex Doll Range of Motion" diagrams, below.


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